Terms of service

I have the right to change, add, remove, or otherwise alter any term at my discretion, but I will never change something affecting any current commission.By ordering from me, you acknowledge and agree to these terms set by me, the artist.

I. Payment

  • Payments will be done in my currency, EURO (€)

  • I require payment upfront, progress will not begin until fully payment is received. If payment is not received within an 48 hour window after confirmation, the slot will be reopened to the public.

  • Payment will be done via ** invoices** using PayPal.

  • I'll never ask that you cover any PayPal fees. (Although tips are definitely appreciated!)

  • I reserve the right to change my prices in the future.

II. Timeline and work process

  • I will not set any completion date as I have a job that occupies most of my time. A piece may take me between 2 days to 2 months. I appreciate the understanding and patience of my clients.

  • I am human, unexpected delays can and will happen. However, as the artist I will ensure you are kept updated if I anticipate or experience an unexpected delay.

  • I always try to work in the order that commissions have been accepted but order can be slightly altered for whatever reason. You can see real time updates in my Trello.

  • I will deliver a sketch Work-In-Progress (WIP) for client approval before proceeding with lineart phase. I won't continue working on the drawing until customer accepts said WIP.

  • Rudeness, bullying, or an pressuring of any kind can lead to the cancellation of the order, placement on my blacklist plus losing the right to receive any kind of commission from me in the future. Commissions that subject me to the behavior listed prior will not be refunded if the commission is already started, regardless of it's state (sketched, lined or colored)

III. Revisions

  • Upon delivery of the sketch, I will ask the client to specify or point out any changes or revisions they would like made to the piece BEFORE I start with lineart.

  • Once the sketch has been approved, no major changes will be made to the commission piece for free.

  • Small tweaks (Ex: lineart shape looks odd), fixes (Ex: missing details) and anything that is my fault will always be free.

IV. Refund policy

  • I don't do refunds, all purchases are final unless I can't complete your commission for whatever reason, in that case I will refund the money entirely and any progress from the commission will be discarded or repurposed.

V. The artist reserves the right to

  • Include the commissioned work in portfolios, commission sheets, online profiles/socials, etc.

  • Claim the commissioned piece as their own work.

  • Modify, Edit, and Repurpose cancelled commissioned pieces.

VI. The client and other parties may NOT

  • Include the commissioned work in portfolios or commission sheets.

  • Use commissioned work for profit or commercial reasons. Commissions are for PERSONAL USE ONLY unless talked beforehand.

  • Mint, Reproduce, and/or Sell commissioned art into NFT.

  • Use my art to train any kind of AI art generator.

  • Modify, Edit, and/or Repurpose the commissioned piece.

  • Claim the commissioned piece as their own work.

  • Post the commissioned piece to socials WITHOUT proper credit to the artist. (Proper credit constitutes as a link to the artist site/profile or tagging an account the artist is associated with)

Do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions and/or concerns you may have!

Price guide (WIP)

  • Complex details or additional edits may increase the price of your commission. I will be happy to provide a quote if requested!

  • Taking a look at my Terms of service before ordering is obligatory.

  • Some commission options might be discontinued in the future.

  • Anthro / Furry

  • Feral / Animals

  • Candy gore

  • SOME Fanart

  • SFW content

  • Harmful content

  • Political content

  • Gore

  • Mecha

  • NSFW content

If you have any questions or concerns regarding what I can draw, feel free to reach out to me!

Furry isotype (REGULAR) - 20€

Simplified and symmetrical character isotype, perfect for use as a watermark or branding element.